Exploring Skopje’s Attractions

Skopje is the capital of Macedonia and a city that has a long history. This city has become a real tourist hotspot in the past few years and there is more than one reason for that. Skopje is known for its old structures, but also for the new monuments and buildings that are built mostly in the central part of this incredible city. This is the place where you will see dozens of people taking pictures every day.


What does Skopje look like?

Skopje is a beautiful city with an interesting architecture from different periods. Unfortunately this city was partially destroyed in 1963 by a strong earthquake and this is the period when the modern look of Skopje was adopted. This city represents the entire country on a micro level because about 1/3 of the population of Macedonia lives there. Since this is a big city with over 700.000 inhabitants you can expect to see different things in different parts of the city and what is interesting is that you can walk from busy streets into quite areas in a matter of minutes. Macedonian cuisine is famous worldwide and tourists from all over the world enjoy in some of the many restaurants in and around Skopje.

What to do in Skopje

Vodno is a mountain located right above Skopje. You can easily notice it because on the top of this mountain there is a huge cross called Millennium Cross built in honor of 2.000 of Christianity. This place is very popular among the citizens of Skopje and they visit it for recreational purposes (hiking) or to enjoy the view on Skopje by using the cableway. The cableway works every day. The mountain has rich flora and fauna and you can take some amazing photos there. There are also few restaurants and souvenir shop, so this is an excellent excursion and you can easily get there.

There are many other places worth visiting in and around Skopje. For example, you can visit the Old Bazaar a place where you can see how Ottoman architecture looks like and a place with many cafes and restaurants. It is close to the main square and you can get there on foot.

Matka canyon is another popular place where the citizens of Skopje and hundreds of tourists enjoy their visits each year. Matka is really close to Skopje and you can get there with a bus or a taxi. This is an area where you can often see alpine hikers and kayakers. During the summer period it is not unusual to see people swimming there. Matka is also known for the old monasteries. There are few medieval monasteries and churches and St. Andrew’s Monastery is the most famous one.

Things to remember

Just like anywhere else in the world there are pickpockets in Skopje too. So, find a good hotel (a hotel with positive reviews) and when you go outside don’t take all of the money with you. It is also a good idea to find accommodation in the center of the city because this is the place that can serve as a basis for your exploration.